You can arrange to have your payroll, Social Security, pension or any other recurring check deposited directly into your MSCU checking or savings account. By doing so, you can eliminate the possibility of losing your check and avoid the need to stand in line to cash or deposit it.

Routing number and account number - Setting up direct deposit and automatic withdrawals (ACH)

How do I set up automatic withdrawals and direct deposits?

  • The Mutual Savings CU's routing number: 261071522.
    A routing number is the code used by the ACH to route your debit/deposit to the correct financial institution. All US routing numbers are 9 digits, foreign routing numbers will vary.

  • For a withdrawal or deposit for your Savings and/or Checking Account, you will use your 710580 followed by your Six Digit Primary Account number and the check digit provided by the credit union. The account number should be a total of 13 characters.
    • NOTE: If the Primary Account number is less than 6 digits, add leading zeros for a total of 6 digits.
    • Example: Primary Account number 1234 = Full Account number 7105800012349
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Please contact us if you have any questions about direct deposit.